Spickard-Keeler Genealogy Page
copyright 1999-2001

The material in these pages was collected from family records and from information in the public domain. Its format and style of presentation are copyrighted by me, as is its prose. Its contents, however, are not and cannot be copyrighted, either by myself or by anyone else. They are free.

It is thus permissible to:

I have cited my sources; you should do the same.

It is specifically prohibited to:

I am forced to be explicit about this because certain genealogical companies have made a practice of ripping off public information. They collect information for free, then sell it to unsuspecting consumers. They should get something for their time, but not the outrageous amounts that they currently charge. (And they don't even check its accuracy!)

Anyone may use the information that I have collected here.

No one may sell this information to others, nor may they advertise it for sale.

-- Jim Spickard

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