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Display Details about people
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-> Use the

MOVE UP AND DOWN THE TREE: Click on right or left arrows to move up or down the family tree.

DISPLAY DETAILS: Click on a name in the pedigree chart to show dates & other information. (No link means either that I have no additional data OR that I have not yet entered what I have.)

NOTE: The color indicates how certain I am of the data [this is still under construction]:
Black type indicates documented or otherwise firm data.
Dark grey type indicates unconfirmed but probable data.
Light grey type indicates suspect data.

SHOW SOURCES: I have listed my sources (and some caveats) after the details about each person. Click on the person's name in the chart to display details, then scroll down to see the sources.

USE THE INDEX: Click on a name to bring up the relevant pedigree chart. The code number indicates the person's position in the family tree.
-> Locate the name in the tree, then click on it to display dates & other family information.

NOTE: To display information about names not in the direct pedigree line, you must note the number beside the "child of" or "other spouse of" in the index.
-> Click on the name to bring up the proper family tree.
-> Locate the correct number in that tree.
-> Then click on
that individual to get information about their other spouses & children.
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