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Teaching Sociological Concepts

Time Clock

Version 2.1.5: Sociological Insights


Simulating Sects


 Choosing Neighbors






Chart Tutor

bullet Sociological Insights (version 2.1.4) -- 1997-2005 -- Windows 9X/NT/etc --
1.76MB self-installing .EXE  file

This program displays statistical information in an easy-to-use format, designed for teaching quantitative sociological reasoning.  It uses aggregate data from the 50 U.S. states to teach the principles of distribution, correlation, and regression.  It uses questionnaire data from the 2000 and 1994 General Social Surveys to teach distribution and cross-tabulation.

The States module 289 variables in all. The Survey module displays 249 variables from the 2000 GSS, plus (as a separate data set) 113 variables from the 1994 GSS.

Version 2.1 contains 4-way maps, telegraph charts and column distribution charts, plus standardized cross-tabs, t-tests, and ANOVAs.

In the various sub-versions (2.1.2; 2.1.3, etc), I have improved screen displays and instructions and have stomped all known bugs.  Please write me if you have any problems or suggestions.


Download full package (1.76MB self-installing file) from:

bullet McGuire-Spickard.Com

Download updated data files only (self-extracting zip) (if unlinked, then there is no update)

bullet Simulating Sects (version 1.2) -- Windows 9X/NT/etc. -- 336K .EXE file. 2004

Like "Choosing Neighbors" (below) his program is a Schelling model -- in this case one designed to test the Stark/Finke/Bainbridge/Iannaccone theory of religious markets.  You get to chose how many religions there are, their relative size and attractiveness, etc., and then see how many people join which one.  As one might expect, the theory's predictions don't exactly work in practice.  (See Jim's working paper posted at Cool Sociology.) Freeware.

Download from: McGuire-Spickard.Com 

Download Code Files (Delphi/Pascal) from McGuire-Spickard.Com

bullet Choosing Neighbors (version 1.0) -- Windows 9X/NT/etc. -- 286K .EXE file. 2002

This program implements Thomas Schelling's mathematical model of residential segregation.   "REDs" and "GREENs" live in the same neighborhood.  You get to chose how many of each live there, and you get to choose the minimum number of like-color neighbors each wants.   (Many people like living in integrated neighborhoods, but most don't want to be the only one of their color there.)

The program lets people move around the neighborhood until their wishes are met.  See what happens when non-racists just don't want to be alone.  Freeware.

Download from: McGuire-Spickard.Com 

bullet Time Clock (version 1.2) -- Windows 9X/NT/etc. -- 138K .ZIP file 1998-1999

This program tracks the amount of time spent on projects. There is no limit to the number of projects one can track. The program stores a cumulative log file on disk, which one can print with a word processor. Freeware.

Download from McGuire-Spickard.Com 

bullet State-by-State Statistics (version 1.01) -- DOS 1997

A DOS version of the States portion of Sociological Insights.  This interactive program displays statistical information for the 50 United States. It maps 120+ social variables, including such things as crime rates, health and illness rates, education rates, and the average level of beer consumption. One can correlate any variable with any other, display the correlations numerically or by scatterplot, and run up to 5-variable regressions to test these correlations for significance.

Students respond well to this program. Not only does it present statistics in an easy-to-understand format, but it allows students to test their own hypotheses.

Download from:

bullet McGuire-Spickard.Com (111K ZIP file)

(NOTE: the opening screen says that the program is Shareware. It is now Freeware.)

bullet Survey Statistics (version 1.01) -- DOS 1997

A DOS version of the Survey portion of Sociological Insights.  This interactive program displays 100+ variables from the 1994 General Social Survey -- a yearly survey of about 1500 randomly chosen, non-institutionalized U.S. adults. Variables include measures of education, social class, health, etc. plus attitudes on key social issues. One can display data, cross-tabulate two variables, or cross-tabulate two variables while controlling for a third.

Students also respond well to this program -- and for the same reasons.

Download from:

bullet McGuire-Spickard.Com (210K ZIP file)

(NOTE: the opening screen says that the program is Shareware. It is now Freeware.)

bullet Statistical Chart Tutor (version 1.0) -- DOS 1997

This drill program helps students learn to read statistical tables: distributions, scatterplots, regressions, and cross-tabulations (the last with and without control variables).

Download from:

bullet McGuire-Spickard.Com (53K ZIP file)

These programs are offered without warranty. I have tested them thoroughly on several computer systems, however, and they do no damage. If anyone finds bugs, please e-mail me at I shall stomp them at the earliest opportunity.

--Jim Spickard


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